What Readers Say

“Echoes of Midnight is an excellently written, passionately thought out, true Southern crime drama. . . . Read this book. You will not be disappointed.”
“. . . a fantastic, excellently written drama. The characters were well developed, complex and interesting. The author does a great job getting you “hooked” on the first few pages and continues until the very end. . . . a great read.”
“. . . a suspenseful page turner. I was engrossed by page 10 and couldn’t put it down. . . .”
“. . . a must read for any cold case enthusiasts. . . .”
“It’s really hard to put down. . . . I will definitely read more from Dan Raburn.”
“Walking on Brimstone is a true combination of my favorite genres, suspense and family drama. The characterizations are beyond excellent. . . . This is truly one of the best books I’ve read in months!”
“Raburn brings a unique voice to this mystery. Following the lives of people in an area of the country we don’t typically get to see was riveting. . . . A great voice and a great read.”
“If you are a fan of mystery novels that are unpredictable and surprise you, then this is a must read.”
“I was hooked from the first chapter.”


Learn more about my influences and the inspiration for Echoes of Midnight in this Newinbooks interview.

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